Awards 2023

Awards 2023

Industrialist of the Year Award

Judging Criteria

Selection is based on the nominee's contributions to the Hong Kong industry and community, with a proven track record.


There is no age limit. The nominee must be a Hong Kong resident and engage in industry. Members of the judging panel and employees of the organiser are not eligible to nominate or to be nominated.

Nomination Procedures

Deadline for Nomination: 2 June 2023 (Friday) HKT 23:59

(For application by online system / email, the deadline will be based on the server time of the organiser; for application by post, the postmark date will be regarded as the date of application. Late application will not be accepted.)

Nominations are open to the public. Nominators do not need to inform their nominees upon submission of the nomination forms.



Preliminary Screening
The screening committee reviews all the nominations and selects those they consider should be recommended to the judging panel for consideration.


Final Judging

Final Judging: Mid-August 2023
The judging panel will be responsible for selecting an Award winner . The judging process and award presentation will be conducted together with the “Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong”.



Date of Presentation Ceremony: November 2023

The organiser will obtain further information from the winner for publicity purposes. The winner and his / her nominator must attend the presentation ceremony. Trophy and souvenir will be presented to the winner and his / her nominator respectively at the presentation ceremony.


If the winner has more than one nominator, the souvenir will be presented to the one who first submitted the nomination form to the organiser.



All decisions made by the organiser, the screening committee and the judging panel are final and binding in all aspects relating to the Award. The organiser, at its sole discretion, reserves all rights to modify the rules and criteria for the Award. The organiser also reserves the right to withdraw or revoke any award that has been made and presented.


Important Dates

Activities Date
Open for Nominations

3 April 2023 (Monday)

Nomination Deadline

2 June 2023 (Friday)

Final Judging

Mid-August 2023

Presentation Ceremony cum Dinner

November 2023


What are the objectives of organising the "Industrialist of the Year" Award?
  • To recognise an outstanding industrialist without any age limit.
  • Many successful industrialists are over 45 and are deserved to be honoured and recognised as a role model of industry.
  • The award will be a "surprise" recognition as the winner does not need to undergo the nomination and selection process in person.
  • The nomination procedure is simplified and thus making it easy for anyone to nominate his/her ideal industrialist.
Why only one per year?
  • This is the award of industry and has the highest honour. Therefore only one person should be recognised for his/her distinguished achievement every year.
How is it different from YIAH?
  • In terms of eligibility: No age limit, the rest being the same.
  • In terms of achievement: To judge on the achievement on the contribution to industry and community, although the awardee should also have substantial achievement in his/her own career and a good track record for his company.
Any competition or conflict of interest with YIAH?
  • No, the IOY award is complementary to YIAH
Can one be nominated for both YIAH and "Industrialist of the Year"?
  • Yes.