Awards 2024

Awards 2024

Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong

Judging Criteria

The FHKI will form a reputable judging panel comprising prominent public figures and leaders of industry to select awardees based on the achievements, vision, contributions and integrity of candidates.


Self Photos / Files - icon-1 Business in good shape with sound performance.
Self Photos / Files - icon-2 Creative, farsighted and with a good grasp of economic and industrial development trends.
Self Photos / Files - icon-3 Committed to industry and advancing its progression, dedicated to community service and corporate social responsibility, and contribute to the betterment of Hong Kong.
Self Photos / Files - icon-4 Honorable and with respectable personal integrity and business ethics.


To be eligible, a candidate must be:

  1. Aged between 21 and 45 on or before 31 May 2024 (i.e. born on or before 1 June 1978);
  2. Holder of Hong Kong Identity Card;
  3. Working for a Hong Kong-registered company principally engaging in manufacturing; and
  4. Nominated by an individual or an organisation.

Nomination Procedures

Deadline for Nomination: 31 May 2024 (Friday) HKT 23:59

(For application by online system / email, the deadline will be based on the server time of the organiser; for application by post, the postmark date will be regarded as the date of application. Late application will not be accepted.)

Each nomination must be submitted in the prescribed form endorsed by both the nominator and the nominee by online system / email / post, together with supporting documents and application fee to the FHKI by the nomination deadline.


Members of the judging panel and employees of the organiser are not eligible to nominate or to be nominated.


Nominators may submit as many nominations as they wish. Separate nomination forms should be used for each nominee.


Each nominee should submit the following documents for examination:
  1. A copy of the nominee's Hong Kong identity card;
  2. Copies of graduation certificate;
  3. Company brochure(s) and / or annual report(s) and / or prospectus;
  4. Copy of Business Registration Certificate;
  5. Product catalogue(s) (if any);
  6. Audited and consolidated financial statements for the past three years (fiscal year 2021, 2022 & 2023);
  7. List of shareholders (if any);
  8. Copies of commendations, statements of authorities, honours and awards which testify to and substantiate the nominee's achievements or contributions; and
  9. An organisation chart indicating the position and responsibilities of the nominee.

Information submitted by both the nominator and nominee will be taken into account by the screening committee and the judging panel when assessing the merits of the nominee. Providing as many details as possible would facilitate the judging process.


All information furnished will be kept strictly confidential except for evaluation by the screening committee and the judging panel. Appropriate information will only be released if an award is granted.


Application Fee

HK$500 per nominee

Please settle the application fee on or before the nomination deadline. Application fee is non-refundable upon successful application.


FPS ID:105-280-127

By Bank Deposit:
Please deposit to FHKI’s HSBC bank account and send the bank-in-slip to
Account Name: Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Account No.: 018-406066-001


By Crossed Cheque:

Please send a crossed cheque payable to“Federation of Hong Kong Industries” to Federation of Hong Kong Industries, 31/F, Billion Plaza, 8 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Attn. to Membership Relations Division - YIAH & IOY 2024). Please mark the company and name of nominee on the back of your cheque.



Preliminary Screening
The screening committee reviews all the nominations and selects those they consider should be recommended to the judging panel for consideration.


Final Judging

Judging Date: August 2024

Only shortlisted candidates recommended by the screening committee will be notified in writing after the preliminary screening and invited to attend the final judging session.

The shortlisted candidates must attend final judging session to be eligible for an award.



Date of Award Presentation Ceremony and Dinner: November 2024

The organiser will obtain further information from the winner for publicity purposes. The winner must attend the Press Conference and the Award Presentation Ceremony in person to be eligible to receive the award. The winner(s) shall be disqualified if he / she is absent from the above-mentioned events. Any authorised third-party is not allowed to receive the award. Requests for receiving the award in occasions other than the above-mentioned events will not be entertained.


The winner’s nominator must also attend the presentation ceremony. Trophies and souvenirs will be presented to the winner and his / her nominator respectively at the presentation ceremony.


*Each candidate should only accept nomination from a single nominator. If the organiser receives more than one nomination for the candidate, the first completed nomination form submitted to the organiser will be deemed the candidate's valid nominee. Subsequent nominations will not be considered.



All decisions made by the organiser, the screening committee and the judging panel are final and binding in all aspects relating to the Award. The organiser, at its sole discretion, reserves all rights to modify the rules and criteria for the Award. The organiser also reserves the right to withdraw or revoke any award that has been made and presented.


Important Dates

Activities Date

Open for Nominations

2 April 2024 (Tuesday)

Nomination Deadline

31 May 2024 (Friday)

Final Judging

August 2024

Award Presentation Ceremony and Dinner

November 2024


What is the eligibility of entering the Awards?

In general, industrialists who are aged between 21 and 45 on or before 31 May 2024 (i.e. born on or after 1 June 1978), holder of Hong Kong Identity Card, working for a Hong Kong-registered company, the key business of which includes industry, and nominated by a nominator who may be an individual or an organisation, are eligible for YIAH nominations.

What are the judging criteria?

You will need to fulfill all the basic requirements mentioned in Q1. The judging panel will then focus mainly on the nominee's outstanding personal "achievements" in his/her own field. Also, the nominee's "vision", and his/her "contributions" to industry/community, as well as his/her "integrity" constitute the other major criteria for consideration in the selection.

If the nominee's company is engaged in many different business areas, and manufacturing is just part of it, is he/she eligible?

The main focus of the judging penal is on the nominee's primary scope of responsibilities within their company, the achievements of the company they lead in their field of expertise, including manufacturing, as well as their contributions to charity and corporate social responsibility. Additionally, the nominee's overall contribution to the Hong Kong industry will also be taken into account.

How many people have been awarded over the years? How many people, on average, win the Awards every year?

There are over 250 YIAH winners in the past 36 years, and the number of winners varies every year.

What are the procedures of entering the Award?
Who would be the most appropriate person to be a nominator?

Anyone can be the nominator, including commercial / non-commercial organisations, staff or spouse. The part filled in by the nominator is the most crucial part and may affect the judging decision, therefore it should be filled in by someone who knows the nominee very well. To have someone well-recognised to be the nominator will not improve the chances of winning.

Do I need to be a Federation member before I can nominate or be nominated?

No. But if you wish to join the Federation, please click here.